For Mueller Industries, responsibility goes well beyond the micro view of period performance and financial reporting.  Responsibility for us is more expansive. It consists of the decision-making and actions that significantly influence sustainability and our long-term performance. 


Sustainable has many definitions, and we use it in a broad sense.  We take into account those actions that provide our employees with safe and healthy work environments - and those that impact the broader perspective of the communities in which we operate and the ecological systems we depend on for daily life and long-term operation.


Fortunately, this sense of responsibility is not new.  It has been a part of our conscience, decision-making, and priority setting for generations. Energy & Water Conservation, Emissions & Carbon Footprint Management, and Waste Reduction & Recyclability have been and continue to be important areas of interest.  We are committed to helping our constituents understand the important steps we are taking in continuing to make Mueller Industries a sustainable company. 


To learn more about our efforts, we invite you to view our annually published Sustainability Report.


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