A Safe Workplace

At Mueller Industries, the safety and well-being of our dedicated employees is prioritized at the highest levels of our Company’s leadership structure.  Safety is on the agenda at every regular meeting of our Board of Directors, and our dedicated Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) director reports directly to our Chief Executive Officer.  Compliance with our rigorous safety policies, including our Company-wide Health & Safety Manual and Cardinal Rules of Safety, is regularly audited at each of our locations, and we are proud of the demonstrable achievements in our safety record.  During the past six years of expansion at our Company, in which our employee base has grown by 40%, we have reduced our number of OSHA recordable incidents by more than 14%.  Put another way, measured in terms of incidents per full-time employee, our incident rate has been cut in half.  In addition, our incident severity rate has dropped by over 60%.  This trend of improvement continued into 2018, and we will continue to make it a priority.

Environmental Stewardship

Mueller Industries is committed to environmental sustainability.  Copper, our primary base material, is fully and infinitely recyclable, and therefore, the majority of the end products we manufacture continue to come from previously recycled material.  Moreover, a high percentage of our capital expenditures each year are allocated to EH&S initiatives so that we can remain in compliance with environmental and safety regulations.  For example, we have made substantial investments to enhance the energy efficiency of our equipment and reduce emissions.  We further have an Environmental Committee that meets quarterly to discuss ongoing compliance and remediation activities.

Compliance and Employee Training

Among Mueller Industries’ core values is to always do the right thing.  In that spirit, our employees are empowered with the tools and know how — in the form of workplace policies and training — to ensure those core values are preserved across our Company.  Among other policies, our employees are expected to adhere to our Code of Business Ethics and Respectful Workplace Policy.  Our Alertline hotline enables all employees to confidentially report workplace issues, and all reports are investigated by a designated Committee within our organization.  In addition to other initiatives, anti-corruption compliance training is annually administered by our Legal Department.  As we look toward the future, our longstanding Career Development Program has already succeeded in cultivating and training many of our next generation of leaders.  Our trainees, a select group of recent college graduates, acquire not only deep exposure to our multi-faceted business, but are also educated regarding the legal and regulatory environment in which we operate.