Our Values & People Shape Our Culture.

At Mueller Industries, our companies, employees, and products are held to the highest of standards.  Additionally, we are actively involved in the industries we serve, and the local communities in which we operate.  We work closely with our companies to ensure they reflect our values, integrity, and sense of responsibility. Above all, we expect our companies to:


  • Provide safe and reliable products that are fit for their intended use
  • Create safe and healthy working environments for our employees
  • Conduct business ethically with customers, vendors, and all others
  • Care for and support local communities


Our commitment to these values and standards requires considerable resources. In that spirit, we make significant investments every year to ensure employees and operations are safe, products are compliant, environments are protected, and more. These actions are, in part, why Mueller Industries has been recognized as one of the country’s most reliable and trustworthy companies.


With over a century of experience, we recognize that certain qualities have contributed to our enduring success. These enduring characteristics, in both our companies and our people, have forged our past and will shape our bright future. They include:


We are tireless in our efforts to provide a safe working environment, produce the highest quality products, and conduct business ethically. We never forget our responsibility to our employees, customers, communities, and stakeholders.



From our earliest days, we have found ways to improve manufacturing processes and pioneer unique products and solutions. We are fueled by imagination and our drive to remain a step ahead of our competitors.


Continued growth requires the ambition and initiative to pursue expansion opportunities. Our growth strategies are careful and focused, charting new territories while still honoring the core values that make us who we are.


What was evident from the start was the spirit of the people.

Greg Christopher, CEO


Our deep admiration and respect for our employees, customers, companies, and industries drives us to be the best. We recognize that it is the passion, drive, hard work, and commitment of our people that propels us forward.



Through times of great change, we have remained steadfast and disciplined in our dedication to our core businesses. We will continue to find ways of reinvesting and adapting in these areas to keep pace with an evolving world and business climate.