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BK Products, LLC brands have been the choice for professional tradespeople and DIY’ers alike. Offering unmatched quality at a competitive price, BK Products line of goods range from core essentials such as valves, connectors, and piping to repair products and decorative plumbing specialties.

Business Segment: Piping Systems

Locations: Collierville, TN Wynne, AR

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BK Products

BK Products Brands

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Products: decorative channel drains, faucets, bath accessories, floor & shower drains, strainers & drains, accessories & repair

BK Products Logo

Products: ball valves, gas valves, plumbing valves, supply lines & connectors, supply stops, flexible connectors, push fittings, dielectric unions, plumbing tools, brass fittings & accessories, non-metallic tubing, pipe support, specialty fittings

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Products: black & galvanized malleable fittings, welded steel nipples & cut pipe, steel pipe, steel merchant couplings, red brass fittings & nipples

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Products: non-threaded structural fittings, non-threaded pipe