Compressor Valves

Compressor Valves & Kits

Available in both forged brass and cast iron, our compressor valves and kits are manufactured to the strictest quality standards in the industry. Built with valve openings designed for maximum flow and minimum pressure drop, specialized asbestos-free valve packing material allows component accessibility without refrigerant loss. Offering a complete line of compressor valves, we furnish compressor valves machined to fit standard dimensions and several special flange dimensions used by many manufacturers. Direct OEM replacement part kits are available for leading compressor manufacturers in the industry.

Product Availability & Highlights

  • Asbestos-free valve packing
  • 100% Tested
  • Many variations available


  • Compressor valves are UL /cUL recognized and CE certified
  • Compatible with all CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerants and oils
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40° F to 300° F
  • Max. work pressure of 700 psig.
  • RoHS compliant

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