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  • Streamline® HVACR Wholesale Catalog
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  • Streamline® PRS™ Copper Press-Joint Fittings Catalog
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Brochures & Information Sheets:

Tube & Pipe

  • Streamline® Nitrogenized ACR Copper Tube
  • Streamline® Plastic Coated Copper Tube
  • Streamline® Dehydrated Coils
  • Streamline® XHP™ Copper-Iron Tube
  • Streamline® Standard & Mini Split Line Sets
  • Streamline® Line Sets w/ Duraguard PE

Fittings & Nipples

  • Streamline® Solder-Joint Copper Fittings
  • Streamline® PRS™ Copper Press-Joint Fittings
  • Streamline® PRS™ Data Sheet
  • Streamline® PRS™ Two-Piece Flange
  • Streamline® XHP™ Copper-Iron Fittings
  • Streamline® Cleaned & Bagged Copper Fittings
  • Streamline® Internal Flare to Extension Solder Brass Fittings for Multi Split Systems


  • Streamline® CYCLEMASTER® Ball Valves
  • Streamline® CYCLEMASTER® Ball Valve Packaged with Insulation Covers
  • Streamline® CYCLEMASTER® Flare Ball Valve with Insulation
  • Streamline® Check Valves
  • Streamline® Brass Compressor Valves
  • Streamline® Packed Line Valves, Angle
  • Streamline® Packed Line Valves, Two-Way
  • Streamline® Transducer Valves
  • Streamline® Packless Diaphragm Valves
  • Streamline® Brass Angle Isolation Valves
  • Streamline® Pressure Relief Valves
  • Streamline® Rupture Disc and Pressure Gauge
  • Streamline® RELIEFMASTER® Change-Over Manifold
  • Streamline® Fusible Pipe Plugs & Connectors
  • Streamline® DRYMASTER® Filter Driers
  • Streamline® DRYMASTER® Heat Pump Driers
  • Streamline® DRYMASTER® Filter Drier Cores
  • Streamline® DRYMASTER® Filter Drier Replaceable Core Shells
  • Streamline® Sight Glass/Moisture Indicators
  • Streamline® Strainers
  • Streamline® 45° Flare Fittings
  • Streamline® Forged Brass Solder Flanges and Gaskets
  • Streamline® Component Parts